Our aim

With more data at more people’s fingertips, you can help everyone in your organization make the best possible decision, every single time. Focus on data, not applications—Other solutions take an application-centric approach to data management, distributing and duplicating mission-critical information across your environment. Only Software Dezire IT Solution reaches into your operational systems to source data, remove restrictions, and enable self-service access for users throughout the enterprise. Unify your data—Software Dezire IT Solution offers the only truly unified solution on the market, leveraging the complementary capabilities of Software Dezire IT Solution, Software Dezire IT Solution Discovery Platform, and Apache Hadoop to align the best technology to your analytics needs. Hit the ground running—The Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ is engineered, configured, and delivered so that it’s ready to go when you are. That means you can reach your moment of truth—the moment when knowing becomes doing—faster than you ever imagined.